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COVID-19 is the rainy day Elizabeth has been saving for

By Jenny Dunn, Communications Manager

Elizabeth is a fabric trader in Ghana.  With a loan and financial training support from our partner organisation Sinapi Aba, she had grown her business and increased her income which allowed her to build a house and provide for her family.  But like all of us, COVID-19 has affected every aspect of her life, particularly her business.

With four children to feed, it has been a challenging time.   

Thankfully Elizabeth had savings put aside for a rainy day.  Today is that rainy day.  

 “As an individual running a business, you need to manage and control your business in case of a bad situation.  Nobody saw this tragedy coming but it has.  Imagine if all your resources were put into a project and there was no money to hold onto?  It would be terrible. But because we were advised to always put some money aside in case of instances like this, I am one of the lucky ones who is managing today.”

Your support provides the savings account and financial training that has kept Elizabeth going through this time.  Thank you.

Help more people like Elizabeth build a secure life for their family today.

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