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What We Do Meet the Clients

With clients in over 20 countries, Opportunity International provides access to financial products and support to more than 10 million people who are now working their way out of poverty.

Read some of our clients inspiring stories below.


Before meeting Opportunity International, Mary was struggling to feed her family, but now they are well fed and Mary is growing her business into a profitable success.

Read Mary's Story


At aged 12, Zelufatu's father tried to marry her off to an older man, so she decided to leave home and work in Accra. There she found Opportunity International, who supported her to start her own business.

Read Zelufatu's Story


Therese's husband was sadly taken by the Mai Mai, driving her and her children into refugee status in Uganda. Therese wants to start a business so that she can provide for her children.

Read Therese's Story


Along with her family, Sephora fled the DRC and now lives in a refugee settlement in Uganda. Since receiving support from Opportunity International, she has created her own women's health treatment business.

Read Sephora's Story


Solange owns a tailoring shop in Rwanda and with the support of Opportunity International to purchase machinery and materials, her business is now thriving and she's able to afford school fees for her children.

Read Solange's Story


Micheline was struggling to produce a stable income and send her five children to school. Opportunity International provided her with vital training. Her children are now well fed and go to school regularly.

Read Micheline's Story


Dorka is a farmer from Malawi. With support from Opportunity International, she has been able to invest in her farm, overcome challenges following Cyclone Freddy, and build a brighter future for her and her children.

Read Dorka's Story


Leila struggled to make ends meet on her farm. A loan, alongside agricultural and financial training from Opportunity International, enabled Leila to buy fertiliser and farm more efficiently, improving her farm’s productivity.

Read Leila's Story


Owner of a fruit and vegetable stall in Uganda, Caroline works hard to provide for her family. With the support of Opportunity International, she is now able to send all her grandchildren to school.

Read Caroline's Story


Working as a kayayei, Rukaya was struggling to provide for her family. But with training from Opportunity International, she's been able to turn her life around.

Read Rukaya's Story


Left by her husband to look after 6 children on her own, daily life was a challenge for Robinah. But thanks to Opportunity International, a new chapter was written.

Read Robinah's Story


Ash is a refugee living in Uganda. She noticed that the children in her classroom were struggling to concentrate and soon found out it was due to poor diet. So Ash decided to tackle this problem with an innovative solution.

Read Ash's Story

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