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Meet the Clients Caroline


Country: Uganda

Owner of a fruit and vegetable stall in Uganda, Caroline is working hard to provide for her four grandchildren, of whom she is sole carer. She has faced setbacks, including losing her stall at a market fire, but with the support of Opportunity International, she rebuilt and is now able to send all her grandchildren to school and has big hopes for their futures.

Caroline owns a popular fruit and vegetable stall in Ggaba Market, Kampala, to provide for her four grandchildren, of whom she is sole carer.

Before meeting Opportunity International, Caroline rented the stall and was struggling to feed and clothe her grandchildren. With our support, Caroline took out a loan for her stall and to pay for her grandchildren's school fees. 

However, she faced a significant setback a few years later when a large fire in the market destroyed the stalls. Caroline lost everything.

Opportunity International helped Caroline to rebuild her stall and even gain ownership of it. She is proud of her busines and hopes to buy land and build her own house in the future.

Caroline is the sole carer to her grandchildren, two boys and two girls, whose parents are not able to care for them. The two girls are called Precious (aged 9) and Grace (aged 4).

Precious wants to be a teacher “because teachers teach children” and her favorite subject is mathematics. Without the loan for school fees, Precious would not be in school. Instead, she would be helping Caroline in the market or back in the village helping on the farm.

Before, I used to have to beg and borrow from different people for school fees. Without the loan, I’d have to choose which child could go to school. I don’t want to leave them like that.

I want to see my grandchildren finish university. Then when they graduate, they’ll be able to find good jobs like nursing and teaching and sustain me!