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Elisabeth's legacy

By Opportunity International

The impact of COVID-19 on our jobs, lives and communities is evolving daily. It is the same for our clients in Africa. They too wonder if they will have a job next month, be able to feed their family and if schools will reopen for their children this year. The world is living in uncertainty but we are living it together, as a global community.

Challenging times often cause us to reflect on what we will leave behind. This was the case for Elisabeth, a lifelong supporter whose family have kindly given permission to share her story.

Elisabeth had been a regular supporter of Opportunity International since 1997. A midwife for over 30 years she was hardworking, dedicated and loyal. She believed that people deserved an opportunity to work their own way out of poverty with dignity; recognising the value of giving people a hand up, not a hand out. Last year Elisabeth learnt that she had a terminal illness, and sadly passed away soon after. But her legacy lives on.

“Elisabeth lived a frugal life, and gave away what she could.  She believed in supporting others to achieve their best and work their way out of poverty, that’s why she left a gift to Opportunity International in her Will.

She was a committed Christian and this faith really helped her through the final weeks of her illness.  I’m so proud of her. She lived a full and generous life leaving an impact on all those close to her but now also to those in the world’s poorest countries.”  (Charles, Elisabeth's brother*)

After ensuring her family and friends were looked after, Elisabeth gave the same opportunity to people living in poverty, equipping them to build a future for their families.  

Leaving a gift in your Will, even just 1% of your estate, can make a lasting difference.

Together, as a global community, we can give people the hand up they need now and in the future.

(*With thanks to Charles and Elisabeth’s family for allowing us to share her story).

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