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Job Creation is Key to Unlocking Poverty

By Opportunity International

For those living in poverty, financial stability is always just out of reach.  They are trapped in a hand-to-mouth existence and, without the right opportunity, this vicious cycle can repeat itself across generations and across communities.

Access to job opportunities and sustainable livelihoods provides the financial stability to break this cycle.  A steady income means access to better nutrition and healthcare; a safer, more secure home; the ability to send children to school and the potential to save for a rainy day.   

Evelyn, Tailor(Evelyn, seamstress in Kenya)

We provide people with access to the financial training, loans and savings they need to develop, grow and run sustainable businesses. By giving people the chance, and the choice, to build a livelihood and business – whether as a farmer, a hairdresser, a stallholder, a tailor – they are transforming their own life and the future of their family and their community.

We enable people living in poverty to build a business.  We do this by:

Diagram showing what access Opportunity International provides
Find out more about our work supporting people to create businesses here.

Emmanuel in his metal workshop(Emmanuel, in his metal workshop, Uganda)

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