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A single Opportunity goes further than you think

By Opportunity International

Meet Rwandan coffee farmer Aphrodis. When he received support from Opportunity International, he didn’t realise just how far-reaching the impact would be.  With a loan and agricultural training, his coffee harvests quickly grew. This increased his income and allowed him to send all five of his children to schoolAs his harvest continued to grow, Aphrodis started to employ people from his community.  He now provides seven local people with stable jobs on his farm. 

If I didn’t meet and work with Opportunity International, I don’t think I would have gotten anywhere. I’d still be where I was.

Aphrodis has lifted himself out of poverty, his family out of poverty, and has created jobs that are lifting his community out of poverty. This is the power of a simple, single opportunity.

Watch Ahprodis’s inspiring story and meet two of his coffee pickers, Vincent and Theresia ...

Aphrodis is just one of over 15,000 people who have benefitted from Opportunity International UK’s 5-year programme ‘Strengthening Livelihoods in Rural Rwanda’ funded by the Scottish Government.

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