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Creating Roots of Change - Thank You!

By Jenny Dunn

Leila, GhanaOnce again we have been overwhelmed by your generosity to our Roots of Change appeal.  The UK Aid Match Appeal, which ran from December 2017 to February 2018, highlighted the need of many rural farmers to access the finance and support needed in order to grow sustainable livelihoods and provide for their families.

With every donation matched by the UK Government, the appeal raised an incredible £7.4 million - our most successful appeal to date!

Thank you to all those who gave and supported us.  Your support will help many more people, like Leila, to work their way out of poverty.

“Before Opportunity I would only get 3 bags at harvest, but when Opportunity came I got 9 bags.  My life has changed.”  Watch Leila’s full story here  

Your generous gifts have been matched by the UK Government.  Penny Mourdant, International Development Secretary commented that:

Financial independence empowers women to provide for their children, contribute to their communities and help their countries stand on their own two feet.  Opportunity International’s Roots of Change appeal will give thousands of women in Ghana and the Democratic Republic of Congo the necessary tools and skills to help their farms prosper, enabling them to support their families unaided and contribute to the economic development of their country.”

The UK Government match will specifically help us to:

  • Increase Incomes in Ghana and the Democratic Republic of Congo - Loans will assist 7,000 women to build farm and rural business income.

  • Increase Resilience – At least 12,000 households will use secure savings accounts to increase their financial resilience; smoothing out dips in income during the ‘lean season’.
  • Increase Empowerment - 12,000 women will attend workshops and training to build their self-confidence and effectiveness.

  • Increase Financial Knowledge - 12,000 rural women will be given financial training that will enable them to build and manage household income and improve their farms.

Over 78,000 people, like members of Leila’s family, will indirectly benefit from improved nutrition, health care and education.

Thank you to you and our amazing appeal partners:


UK Aid Match


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