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Believing in Transformation

By Terry Watson

Transformation is a powerful word.  It illustrates a deep and sustainable change that overcomes circumstance and attitude.  A change that alters the future.

Looking back on the last 12 months I am once again inspired and humbled by our clients’ determination and belief in their own transformation.  These men and women work hard, knowing they have the abilities and drive to provide a better future for their children.  With your help this potential is not just known it is unlocked, empowering our clients and strengthening their communities. 

Thanks to you, 2014 was our most successful year to date, enabling us to support more clients than ever before.  Across Africa we are seeing true transformation at a local level as more and more people access loans, open savings accounts, grow through training and educate their children.  These opportunities enable families to break free from the cycle of poverty and thrive as they work towards a more sustainable and hopeful future.    

You, our supporters and partners, have made this possible.  Your remarkable generosity and confidence in Opportunity’s clients is empowering them, and you, to discover the real meaning of transformation. 

Thank you.

(Terry Watson is Chair of the UK Board)

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