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I came from Rutshuru in Congo on the 20th September 2019. We came because of insecurity. They took my husband. He was taken by the Mai Mai. One night they came to our house and entered by force. They didn’t take anything from us, but took my husband. The children tried to stop them, but they took him and beat me badly.

The Mai Mai used to come and take the men and boys to fight in the war, and if they didn’t accept they were killed.

In Rutshuru, I had a business. I would buy beans and then resell them for a profit. I would buy in bulk, and then sell in smaller quantities. My husband was a taxi driver. In Congo, life was good because I had my business and my husband worked. We made money and were able to buy things, and all of my children went to school.

The situation here is not easy but I try to live as best I can. We get porridge in the morning, and Ugali and beans for lunch and in the evening, and sometimes maize. But the children don’t go to school. I am still new here and I want to get information about what would sell well before I start a business. I am good at braiding hair, and if I can get the things to do hair I would.

I can’t pay for school fees for my children and I can’t buy clothes, so to get some help so that I can get a business would be good for me. I don’t want aid, I just want to have a business and provide for my children.