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Left by her husband to look after six children on her own, daily life was a challenge for Robinah Muyama. She struggled to provide regular meals for her children and she couldn’t pay their school fees. In time, her eldest three children stopped going to school – “Back then the children were being chased out of school because we had no money to pay their school fees” she says. Life was tough and Robinah couldn’t see a way out.

But thanks to Opportunity International, a new chapter was written.

Robinah received a business loan, training and support from Opportunity International two years ago, and with it she started a retail shop selling goods like cooking oil, flour and rice near her local market in Ggaba, Uganda. Robinah also took out a school fee loan to help keep her three youngest children – Esther, Agnes and Deborah - in school. This covered the cost of school up front and helped Robinah manage her income, expenditure and savings.

Today, Robinah’s children and her business are thriving – “Between the business and school fee loans, I am so happy. My kids are studying, we are doing well and we are flourishing. I’m hopeful.”

“My mum went through many things bringing us up as a single mother. She worked hard, day and night, so that we could go to school. Because of the school fees loan I am able to go to nursing school. Here in Uganda we have a high infant mortality rate and I want to do what I can to help keep mothers and babies alive."

Esther, 20

I like school so much.  I have learnt many things and made friends. I like design and fashion. I will work hard and earn money and one day start a job as a fashion designer.

Agnes, 13

I am now going to school but it wasn’t always this easy. In the past, my mum often couldn't afford to send us to school, or pay for things like books, shoes, uniform or toilet items that we needed and that made me feel embarrassed. Now she can, and I can stay in school.

Deborah, 12

Inspired by their mother's strength and tenacity, Robinah's daughters are now working towards a better future.