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How We Work Training and Financial Advice

In countries where there are low literacy rates and many people are unfamiliar with banking services, access to microfinance may not be enough to help clients lift themselves out of poverty. Clients must also receive financial training to learn basic skills related to earning, spending, budgeting and borrowing money.

This financial advice is designed to help clients:

  • Better understand the wide range of financial services available to them
  • Increase their use of savings accounts and insurance products
  • Better manage their credit
  • Diversify their assets

Today, Opportunity International has more than 400 modules available for loan officers to use. Our modules are designed to enable every client, regardless of his or her background or education level, to make informed and confident choices about financial products and services.

They also give clients access to information on health, leadership, self-esteem, gender, communication, work-life balance, civic responsibility and more. 

Spotlight - Agricultural Training in Mozambique
In Mozambique where we have strengthened the capacity of our local partner to deliver Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) training to target farmers over the past year.  One aspect of the training includes videos to illustrate good agricultural practices to smallholder farmers.  These 10- minute videos are based on a farmer-driven peer-to-peer approach and narrated in the local language with sub-titles.  The videos are narrated by a farmers in the local language who explains GAPs in his/her terms thus allowing an enhanced connection with peers.

Whatsapp GAP training


The videos are produced in a HD compressed format (approximately 20 MB) that allow them to be distributed to project participants and other interested parties via smart phone technology, particularly WhatsApp. The original versions are also available to watch on laptops or TVs. With access to finance, this training will continue to increase productivity and economic empowerment of farmers in Mozambique.

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