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© 2021 Opportunity InternationalOpportunity International United Kingdom is registered as a charity in England and Wales (1107713) and in Scotland (SCO39692).

A loan is a powerful thing.  It allows more than just businesses to grow.  Family income rises. Children eat and go to school. Homes are improved. Women gain status. 

We work closely with our partners to ensure that individuals, groups, educators and farmers have access to the tailored loans they need to transform their lives.  

A client typically receives his or her first loan through a Trust Group. Trust Groups bring together 10 to 30 entrepreneurs who elect leaders, receive training and pledge to guarantee each other’s loans.

We provide access to specialised, innovative loan products developed with the insight gathered from the loan officers who work with clients on a daily basis.  Examples of these are: 

  • To improve access to education, our Education Finance programme facilitates loans for entrepreneurs to start schools, improve infrastructure and expand opportunities for children living in poverty.
  • Around the world, farmers like Mary in Uganda are able to acquire high-quality seeds and crop insurance through Opportunity International’s agriculture finance programme.
  • In Ghana, our Water and Sanitation programme provides access to loans for small businesses to build latrines and water pumps to decrease illness and improve overall health.  

Providing access to loans for marginalised people is fundamental in enabling them to become financially included, which enables them to busild sustainable livelihoods.  Loans enable people and their communities to lift themselves out of poverty. They are a catalyst for change.

Your support will help communities not just survive, but thrive.

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