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The day I met Mary, the client behind our Christmas appeal

By Nana Francois, CEO

In November last year, I had the pleasure of meeting one of our remarkable clients Mary and her husband Myros in Southern Malawi. They shared with me their five-year vision – a better home, more livestock and educational opportunities for their children. Below is a picture of them with their vision board that illustrate this vision and the steps to achieve it.

It was wonderful to hear how, with the support of Opportunity International, they are working together to fulfil their vision. With financial management and business training, access to financial services and support from her mentor, Mary has diversified her income and built a successful bakery business, which Myros now supports her in.

With the savings and profits from her business, Mary has truly transformed her family’s life. She told me about the bike she bought with her savings, making it far quicker to take her products to market and attend mentoring and training meetings. And most recently she’s been able to buy a motorbike for Myros so he can transport her baked goods to more markets further away. With the additional profits, Mary has bought cement to improve her house and fertiliser so she can plant crops early to help withstand future floods. Mary and Myros are thriving.

Watch Mary’s video diary where she shows us around her home and what she’s invested in with her profits and savings.

I showed Mary a copy of our Christmas appeal leaflet that shares her story. She was delighted to see her photos and story, and to know that supporters here in the U.K. have read it and are giving to support more people like her. There is still time to give to our appeal – please donate if you are able to.

Mary’s story reminded me why I am part of Opportunity International. Accidents of birth shouldn’t leave anyone behind. Everyone should have the opportunity to provide for their family. Our clients have the capability and ambition, and thanks to supporters like you, they also have the opportunity to achieve their goals.

Together, we are making a real difference. Together, we are Opportunity. Thank you.

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