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Rwanda: A land of Opportunity

By Opportunity International

Twenty-three years have passed since Rwanda’s genocide in which an estimated 20% of the population were killed. It is a country that has been defined by its horrific history. But, this is changing.

Rwanda is now experiencing fast economic growth and many of the people and communities we work with are moving forward with peaceful ambition and determination. Opportunity International has been in Rwanda since 2007, equipping and empowering men and women to create stable and secure livelihoods. Our tailored loans and training, together with using the latest digital technology and mobile phone banking, are bringing financial services to entrepreneurs, school proprietors and farmers.

Our impact in Rwanda is far-reaching. Here are some highlights…

  • School Improvement Loans - 53 schools have received school improvement loans, providing over 13,250 children with better school facilities and improved learning environments.
  • School Fee Loans - 6,459 children are staying in full time education for longer because of school fee loans.
  • Agriculture Loans and Training - 10,864 farmers (55% women) have received agricultural loans and training, helping them to diversify their crops, increase their yield and move from subsistence to commercial farming.
  • Mobile Banking Services - 182,000 clients access their bank accounts through mobile banking services.

Rwanda Landscpe

Fast Facts about Rwanda:

- 90% of Rwanda’s population are subsistence farmers
- 77% of people in urban areas don't have access to a bank account; this increases to 83% for those in rural areas
- Life expectancy is just 65 years old
- 60% of the population are under the age of 24

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