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Meet Nkunku Aby - the Spirit of Opportunity

By Edward Fox

Nkunku Aby lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the poorest countries in the world.  A country where only 3% people own a bank account.

Three years ago, Nkunku lost everything.  She returned to her small tailoring shop in Kinshasa, the capital city, to find it empty with her business partner gone.  Thankfully Opportunity International was there to offer Nkunku the support, start-up capital and training she needed to rebuild her business.  Her first loan helped her rent new premises for her shop and buy a sewing machine. 

Nkunku’s business is now thriving.  She is making a profit and demand is high - she recently received an order to make 100 school uniforms.  Nkunku now also trains aspiring students in tailoring.  She says:  “I’m so thankful for the help of Opportunity.  Soon I will no longer have to pay rent and will be able to get electricity and running water to my house.  This is a dream come true.”

Our 2013 Spirit of Opportunity Christmas appeal raised valuable funds that have helped change the lives of many people like Nkunku.  The appeal was in partnership with the UK government who matched ever donation, pound for pound – it raised an incredible £4.5 million!  This has enabled us to expand our reach:

  • A new community branch has opened in Kinshasa, bringing much needed loans, savings and training to many men and women.
  • Over 2,500 jobs have been created and/or sustained.  Over 50% of recipients are women.
  • Thousands of men and women have participated in financial training.  This training in budgeting, borrowing and saving is enabling them to manage their money responsibly and save for a rainy day.

We could not have done this without your support.  Because of your support, thousands of men and women, like Nkunku, are now able to work for a better future.  Thank you.

(Edward Fox is Opportunity International UK's Chief Executive)

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