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100,000 more women in the next two years – will you join us?

By Jenny Dunn, Head of Marketing and Communications

Opportunity International embraces equity, independence and opportunity by providing financial solutions for people living in poverty to build sustainable livelihoods. Our goal to reach 100,000 more women in the next two years reflects this, and was highlighted by our Patron on Internatioonal Women's Day 2023 at Windsor castle.

HRH, the Princess Royal spoke passionately about our work and shared her own experience of meeting a young client named Sephora in Uganda last year - Sephora received financial training and business support to build a successful business that not only supports her family but is benefiting the health of women and girls in her wider community. The Princess Royal spoke of the importance of working with women like Sephora and the extraordinary impact this has, she said:  

“Opportunity International constantly adapts to put the needs of people living in poverty first. We focus on unlocking the often unseen potential of those who live in the world’s poorest communities, by providing them with access to financial training, loans and savings.  These services give disadvantaged people, particularly women, the opportunity to make their own choices and work their own way out of poverty with confidence. And it is this confidence that gives them the ability to not only provide a secure future for their family, but to also have a voice within their community. 

The greatest challenge these women face is not lack of ambition or motivation, but a lack of access to education, financial services and training.  When these needs are met, the impact is extraordinary.”  

Banners at event    HRH speaking at the event

Combating the gender inequality in access to financial services is at the core of all our work. Our programmes across Africa are designed to embrace equity and give all people, particularly women, the opportunity to build dignified and sustainable livelihoods.  Thousands of women are already working their way out of poverty thanks to our programmes but there is still so much more to do.  

Opportunity International UK CEO, Nana Francois, comments:

“Our aim is to help (at least) another 100,000 women over the next two years with access to financial training and services that enable them to build climate and economic resilience.  For as little as £100, a woman can access to financial services, training and support that will not only impact her life but also her wider community.”

Will you join us in reaching thousands more women like Caroline, Solange and Therese?   Your support will make a big difference

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