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Establishing Roots of Change

By Jenny Dunn, Head of Marketing and Communications

Farmers play a crucial role in the economy of Ghana and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) yet without resources and training, many smallholder farmers operate at 40% or less of their harvest potential. Female farmers are particularly disadvantaged due to cultural barriers and lack of access to financial training and services.   

Our Roots of Change project sought to overcome these barriers.  Over the last three years we have worked with rural female farmers in Ghana and the DRC to establish roots of change within their community.  In partnership with the UK government, and thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, we have seen an incredible change in the lives of thousands of farmers.


(Maguy in the DRC with her family and documenting her finances)

Here is a snapshot of the impact your donations have had:

  • Increased Incomes:  Over 12,000 female farmers have improved their farms and increased their incomes.

    75% of clients incresed their yields - producing more food for their family and enabling them to sell more.

    Basket of yield

  • Increased Empowerment: More than 12,000 women attended workshops and training to build their self-confidence. 2,758 men were also trained on gender inclusiveness and the important role of women as decision-makers.

    Female clients reporting more decision-making and confidence went from 24% at the beginning of the project to 88% at the end of the project.

    women's confidence growing

  • Increased Resilience: 15,255 women have opened secure savings accounts, improving their ability to smooth out dips in income during the ‘lean season’.  

    95% of women in Ghana who took part in the project now have a savings account compared to Ghana's national average of 54%.

    rising savings

  • Increased Financial Knowledge: Over 13,750 rural women received financial training enabling them to budget and manage household income.


In the past I used to sell around £11 worth of cassava leaves. After the training, I now sell £25. The improvement has been massive…. And now, after making a profit, I immediately take 25% and save it in the bank.” (Philomene, DRC)

Philomene on her farm in the DRC(Philomene on her cassava farm in the DRC)

Over 61,500 family members have benefited from the project - farmers are now feeding their family regular and nutritious meals, sending their children to school and improving their homes.  This is because of supporters like you, and the UK government who generously matched all donations you gave to this project. 

Thanks to you lives have been changed and people are working their way out of poverty.
UK government


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