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Yasmin Alibhai-Brown supports Opportunity International

By Opportunity International

Ugandan-born journalist and author Yasmin Alibhai-Brown understands the power of an opportunity. Her own story of leaving a country she loved amid hardship to seize an opportunity for a different future mirrors that of so many of our clients. In February 2022 Yasmin  presented our BBC Radio 4 appeal, highlighting the brilliant entrepreneurial women and men we work with.

Yasmin has an incredible story of growing up in Uganda with Ugandan-Asian parents who had to flee the country 50 years ago. Yasmin followed her family to England to make the most of a scholarship to study at Oxford University. This opportunity has shaped her life and set her on the path to being the woman and journalist she is today. Passionate about women’s rights and amplifying the voices of refugees Yasmin’s voice is a powerful advocate for our work.

We want to see people empowered with access to financial education and equal opportunities to work their own way out of poverty.  Yasmin’s heart to tell the stories of resilient women; her strong belief in the power of education and passion to fight for equality echoes our vision.

Why does Yasmin Support Opportunity International?

“Opportunity International understands that the poorest person in the world has dreams and ambitions, abilities. They are not pathetic, waiting with a cup in their hands, give them the means, and they can make something of their lives.”

Listen to this 1 minute audio clip to hear Yasmin’s three compelling reasons why she believes in our work.

You can listen to Yasmin presenting our BBC Radio 4 appeal at any time, using this link and hear all about her own story as she shares about the resilience and determination of one of our clients Therese. 

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