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Country: Uganda

Nineteen year old Sephora is a refugee living at the Nakivale refugee settlement. She is part of a youth entrepreneur group who received support from Opportunity International to develop and build sustainable livelihoods. Sephora developed several women’s health products and is now building up her business and a better future for herself. 

Sephora is 19 years old and lives at the Nakivale Refugee settlement with her family after fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo due to conflict and insecurity. She is a member of the ‘Unleashed’ youth entrepreneur group who have received support from Opportunity International to develop and build sustainable livelihoods.  

Along with other members of the group, Sephora received financial training and a loan to develop several treatment products and awareness-raising around women’s health issues.

Sephora’s product is called ‘Her Pride’ and is a cream that prevents vaginal infections and provides relief from menstrual cramps. She has also created a card game that teaches people about women’s health.

The project has empowered Sephora and other refugees to build their own business and to have ambitions for the future.

The Unleashed project helps young entrepreneurs without discrimination. It helps them to stand on their own two feet, even if they are refugees. This is what it has done for me. It has shown me that I am not limited by my refugee status....I have personally learned many new skills and I have many hopes for the future.

In 2022, Sephora presented her product to our Patron, HRH The Princess Royal during a visit to our work in Uganda. 

Sephora has continued to expand her business. She has now created a new product, the first of its kind in the Settlement - reusable sanitary pads. They are and affordable, sustainable and exo-friendly solution for women and girls in her community.