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What we doCharities that help women in Africa

Charities that help women in Africa

70% of those living on less than $2 a day are women and girls (*UN Women) yet there are not enough charities that help women in Africa. At Opportunity International UK, we are geared towards enabling women and girls to work their own way out of poverty.

When a woman can build her business, she not only lifts herself out of poverty, she also educates her children, creates jobs for her neighbours and transforms her community. And her work doesn't stop there - what she does today will have an impact for generations to come.

For far too long, women and girls have been held back from reaching their full potential. There is an acute need for charities that help women in Africa and around the world. Legal, social, cultural, and economic inequalities disproportionately exclude women from full and equal participation in their communities and economies, leaving their voices unheard and their potential unreached.

In their daily lives, women and girls must navigate complex webs of mistaken perceptions, including stigmas around educating girls, biases against women-led businesses or female employees, and assumptions that women are riskier investments than their male counterparts.

We are proud to be a charity that helps women in Africa and around the globe – in fact 95% of our clients are women. When women are equipped with resources and opportunities, everyone benefits.

  • Women could add £8.5 trillion to the global GDP by 2025 if there were significant gains toward achieving equal access to financial resources.
  • Female farmers, with equal access to financial and agricultural resources, could reduce the number of hungry people in the world by 150 million.
  • Female income-earners are more likely to allocate significantly more resources to food, health, education, and children's wellbeing, ending the generational cycle of poverty for millions.

A charity that serves women in africa, india, and around the world

Charities that serve women in Africa

81% of female farmers in Ghana and Mozambique reported increased decision-making power, and 58% reported increasing their income as a result of Opportunity’s Agriculture Finance services.

In Uganda, girls’ absenteeism from school reduced when parents had access to Opportunity’s School Fee loans to cover educational expenses.

In Ghana, a pilot programme testing interactive voice response messages on mobile phones increased savings behaviour and engagement nearly twice as effectively among women than men.