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Where We Work India

Get facts about poverty in India and learn how we empower its people to work their way out of poverty and build a safety net for the future.

In 1989, Opportunity International began operations in India, home to the largest global concentration of impoverished people. Although regulatory uncertainty in India continues to make loan disbursement difficult, Opportunity India today serves more than 2.5 million loan clients throughout the country, and disburses 99.8 percent of its loans to women.

Banking on Education: Since 2010, Opportunity India’s education focus has been twofold: school fee loans with a supplementary scholarship program. Opportunity India awards 75 percent of its scholarships to female students. The scholarships cover 80 percent of the cost of education while parents commit to paying the remaining portion.

Insurance: Opportunity India partners with our insurance subsidiary, MicroEnsure, to offer health, life and accident insurance.

Habitat for Humanity partnership: Opportunity India is developing affordable Housing Loans relevant to the interests and needs of our clients.

Dia Vikas: In addition to these products, Opportunity India established Dia Vikas (“Lamp of Development”), in 2008, to serve the poorest areas of India through social investment. Dia Vikas supports the growth of Indian microfinance by partnering with and investing in poverty-focused microfinance institutions and encouraging start-ups that operate in India’s most underserved areas.

Highlights of these transformational collaborations include

Empowering Women: Mentoring designed to educate women on domestic violence awareness, family health and suicide prevention.

Community Outreach: Opportunity India builds strategic alliances to encourage community-wide transformation. For example, through Dia Vikas we address water, sanitation and health issues in partnerships with Healing Fields and

Social Performance Management (SPM): Dia Vikas is a leader on collecting information about how products and services affect clients in outreach, range of services, protection, satisfaction and transformation.

With your support, we are meeting the unique needs of the women we serve in India through targeted financial services and products that make a practical, holistic transformation in their daily lives.

Additional Services Offered

  • Business loans: Trust Group, Solidarity Group, small/medium enterprise
  • Insurance: Life and health insurance coverage through MicroEnsure
  • Robust staff and client training programs and development opportunities

Literacy rate: 62.8%

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