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Meet The Clients Said Busesire

Opportunity International | Said Busesire

Said Busesire starts his day early, very early. Just after midnight he starts the 15 km journey to Mbarara, the nearest biggest town. Said, 49, lives in Uganda and sells bananas and plantains to make a living. Every day he pushes the plantains on his bike to sell in Mbarara. This takes him between three and four hours and most of it in darkness. The road is difficult: either it’s very dusty when dry or very muddy when wet. When he arrives in Mbarara he sells the plantains at hotels where the customers are later served them at breakfast.

At around 8am Said returns home, another 15 km journey, in order to reload his bike with more plantains, which he sells at the market, back in Mbarara. When he returns from the market, Said sets to work on his plantation, harvesting the next bananas/plantains for the next day’s work. As the sun goes down his day comes to an end and Said goes home to his family to rest, before doing it all again the next day. For six days a week, Said follows this same routine.

Said heard about Opportunity International five years ago when he received his first loan of £69. He used this loan to buy the land and fertiliser for his plantation. With the profit from selling to hotels and markets Said was able to buy a roof for the small hut where his family live on the edge of the plantation. Next he wants to buy a house made of bricks for his family. The growth of his farm and profit, thanks to the loans and training he’s received from Opportunity International, has enabled Said to pay for his children’s school fees - all of his nine children have attended or are still attending school. The eldest already has his secondary school leaving certificate, of which Said is very proud.

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