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Meet The Clients Patrick Pande

City: Kaliro
Country: Uganda
Loan Use: Expanded his sugarcane plantation

Despite years of struggling to support his wife and seven children with a low-paying job, Patrick knew he could build a brighter future. All he needed was a little help.

He and his wife dreamed of expanding their small sugarcane plot in Uganda but lacked the capital to make it profitable. Their financial situation also kept them from repairing their deteriorating home.

Patrick met with an Opportunity Uganda agricultural loan officer, who explained the benefits of Opportunity Uganda’s recently-adopted MEOS™ data capture system, an automated/mobile data solution that enables the bank to collect, analyse and process critical client data. Patrick's loan officer is able to use the technology to GPS map the sugarcane farm via GPS, and capture key biometrics and profiling data, helping to create an accurate picture of the farm plot as well as the family's needs.

Patrick can now access capital at critical times, such as planting season. Opportunity International’s Agricultural Finance programme also gives him the flexibility to repay loans during more seasonally profitable periods, such as harvest times.

With Opportunity International’s help, Patrick expanded his plantation to 45 acres - more than doubling its size and measurably improving his sugarcane’s quality.

Patrick’s thriving business has allowed him to keep his children in school and repair his home, with the hopes that he can eventually build a larger, more comfortable house for his family.

Patrick is now president of the Kaliro Sugarcane Growers Association, inspiring a membership of nearly 1,000 sugarcane farmers like him.

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