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Meet The Clients Chantal Mukamama

Country: Rwanda

Opportunity International | Chantal Mukamma

Chantal owns a store selling wheel barrows, fencing, tar and other hardware, in Kigali, Rwanda. It is a thriving business and making good profit. But this wasn’t always the case.

Chantal used to only sell small products as she couldn’t afford to grow her stock. It was a struggle for her to provide for her 6 children and she didn’t know how to grow the business. Thankfully Opportunity International supported Chantal with a loan, a savings account and training. Chantal invested in her business, and with its success enabled her to improve her house and pay the school fees for all 6 of her children. She says: “Thank you Opportunity for entrusting me with the loan, I feel at peace that I can provide for my family.”

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