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Berth lives in Kinshasa, the Democratic of Congo's capital city, with her five children and husband of 25 years.  She owns a fruit and vegetable business which had been struggling but this changed after being introduced to Opportunity International. 

Berth joined a savings group, started saving a little money on a weekly basis and gained access to training, formal financial services such as a savings account and accessing loans

Berth’s business has expanded considerably and so has the family income, to the point that, when her children were confined at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she could afford to hire a tutor to come and teach them twice a week. The pandemic also had a direct impact on her wholesale commerce activity, which consists in procuring fruits and vegetables from farmers in rural areas and selling them to small retailers operating at the “Zando” market in Kinshasa. Restriction of movement made procuring supplies from the regions a real struggle. Having savings helped her family weather the storm, until the governmental restrictions were lifted and the situation slowly went back to normal.

Berth has grown in confidence and has big ambitions for the future.  Her determination and ability to overcome the challenges of COVID-19, thanks to the skills and financial products she has accessed, leave little doubt that she will achieve them.