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Country: Ghana

I am married and I have three children. To make a living I buy raw rice from farmers and I process it to sell in the market. I started doing the business 25 years ago when I was a child.

To process raw rice – we boil it when it is raw and after that we dry it in the sun. After this it is sent for milling and then it is ready for sale. Initially, I used to process about two or three bags of raw rice a week but since receiving a loan and training I am now able to process about ten bags! I have seen a lot of improvement in how much I earn because I am able to produce more and in greater quantity.

My hope for the future is to be independent financially. I really want to give my children the opportunity I did not have through education. When they used to go to school it was very hard and often there wasn’t food to go around – but things are now better. I am also respected in the community and am heading towards financial independence.