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How We Work Rural Outreach

In the developing world, people living in rural and remote areas are not only the most impoverished but also the least likely to have access to financial services, especially when the nearest financial institution may be hours—or even days—away. In response to this challenge, Opportunity International brings financial services to marginalised rural communities.  

Opportunity International is addressing the financial needs of isolated rural communities through innovative programmes and technologies with an expanding network of partners.

  • Low-Cost Branches We works with financial institution partners to have a presence in remote areas with low-cost branches.  For many people this may be there first, and only, acces to financial facilties and services.  
  • Agent Banking We work with our partners to install point-of-sale devices in bank branches, mobile vans and local businesses to allow clients to conveniently bank in a variety of easy-to-reach locations. This extends the reach of financial services without the cost of  a financial institution establishing a full branch.
  • ATMs These machines enable clients to bank at any time.
  • Mobile Phone Banking Mobile phones are used as a channel for financial information and services, providing clients with banking access anywhere with cellular reception.

Innovative technologies provide convenient financial access, allowing impoverished people to quickly access their funds so they can focus on generating income and achieving their financial goals. These groundbreaking client services equip our project partners to reach more people outside of urban centers—and at a lower cost through increasingly cashless and paperless processes.

For rural farmers like Leila, our rural outreach enables her to access the loans and training she needs to improve her farm and provide for her family. 


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