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Young refugee creates product to fight Malaria

By Opportunity International

Patient arrived in the Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda in 2016 with his younger sister, after fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) amid growing political instability and violence. He was just 17 years and spoke no English.

In 2020, Patient’s sister contracted malaria, an all too common occurrence in the settlement. In spite of wide spread public health campaigns to prevent the disease, refugees have limited access to any mosquito repellent to protect themselves from bites and infection.

And so, BOTANICA was born.

Patient and his employees

Patient’s grandfather was a traditional herbal doctor in the DRC, and he taught Patient that many local plants and herbs have naturally occurring properties that repel mosquitos.  Using this knowledge, Patient created BOTANICA - an organic mosquito repellant.  Patient is a member of ‘Unleashed Potentials in Motion’, a refugee-led organisation and one of our partners in the settlement.  Along with other members of the group, Patient received support from Opportunity International to develop and build his business.

Patient says: “The bank account with Opportunity enables me to keep money secure, manage it well and create financial targets. My business is doing well and I can now pay my young sister’s school fees, pay bills and be financially independent.”

Patient’s business is booming, and he is even creating jobs within his community – currently he employs six people.   

This is what happens when you unlock potential.  We are so grateful for supporters like you who support us year after year and make success stories like Patient’s happen. 

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