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Securing a Sustainable Future

By Terry Watson

I am continually amazed by our clients’ unstoppable energy and resourcefulness. They are determined to give their children a better future than their own, despite many social and economic challenges. Our clients are fuelled by a tenacious ambition to work hard and lift themselves out of poverty.

Thanks to you, their ambitions are being realised. In 2015, we provided loans, savings and training to more entrepreneurs and communities than ever before. We expanded into more rural communities and tailored our expertise to meet the specific financial needs and challenges our clients face. Our programmes in agriculture, education and water and sanitation continue to grow. This has enabled parents to feed their children, local schools to provide access to better teaching and communities to improve their living conditions; creating change and securing a sustainable future for the next generation.

Your generosity is unlocking potential across Africa. It is empowering and equipping our clients and their families to achieve their ambitions and build a healthy and prosperous future. Without you, our supporters and partners, this would not be possible.

Thank you.

(Terry Watson is Chair of the UK Board)

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