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Reaching more clients than ever before with digital innovation

By Opportunity International UK

Over the last 10 years we have worked with partners like Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans in Ghana, using technology to link clients to financial services and support. Digital technology helps us reach people living in places without access to banks, with financial services, training and products to help them build and grow sustainable businesses. 

After saving the proceeds of her business, Imoro, a porridge saleswoman and Opportunity International UK client living in Ghana, bought a mobile phone. Through a basic mobile phone Imoro is able to access Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans's banking platform Sinapi Mobile... 

Imoro - a digital financial services client - uses her mobile phone for business in the marketplace.

I use my phone mostly to make or receive calls, perform digital transactions like sending, receiving, depositing, withdrawing of money and buying of data.

Sinapi Mobile has enabled me to save more. Any time I have physical cash I spend unnecessarily but with digital channels, I do not waste money. I do not like to keep physical cash on me when I travel to work, I prefer to have electronic cash because I feel safer."

Imoro, a porridge seller in Ghana, at her stall

I have interest in learning new things, even though I am not a highly learned person, I try to follow instructions when it comes to phones.  All that I need to know about Sinapi Mobile was by my daughter and Sinapi Aba staff. Once I am prepared to learn, nothing affects my desire and digital skills.” 

Opportunity International have been leading the way in DIGITAL FINANCIAL INCLUSION for over a decade – focusing specifically on increasing inclusion for women.

Our high touch, high-tech approach recognises the importance of support and training at both institutional and client levels so that the whole community learns and benefits together. Developing new digital channels and products to provide technical assistance for banks in Africa, Opportunity International’s Digital Financial Services Team (DFS) is growing the number of people who can engage with formal financial services. Which, essentially means = more clients can access formal financial providers with regulations, protections and more opportunities for saving and managing money.  

Over the next few years our DFS team will increase the number of people using digital services – via mobile-phone banking and the development of new client-centred technical ideas to reach increasing numbers of financial excluded populations around the world. 

For more stories and updates from our clients benefiting from digital financial services sign up to our enews. We send regular emails filled with stories and news from our work across Africa.

Imoro talks with customers in the marketplace

Photos by: Edward Osei-adu Kofi


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