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A fertile land

By Opportunity International

Rwanda is ‘the land of a thousand hills’.  It is also a fertile land full of opportunities. 

Agriculture is the main economic activity in Rwanda, with 70% of the population engaging in the sector.  Tea, coffee, maize, potatoes and cassava are some of its key crops. 

Farmers in Rwanda

Farmers in Rwanda work in cooperatives.  Led and supported by government policy, there are over 2,400 cooperatives nationwide, with roughly 500 to over 2,000 cooperative members. But many cooperative members still use poor and inefficient farming practices.  For farms to increase productivity, and to encourage young people to take up farming as a viable career option, members need proper agricultural training and access to fertiliser and tools.

We are working in partnership with farming cooperatives and Urwego bank in Rwanda to support farmers with loans for fertiliser, improved seeds and training in good agricultural practices.  Improving their farm’s productivity enables them to provide a secure future for their families – many farmers can now send their children to school and feed them regular and nutritious meals.

Anet is one of the cooperative Support Officers working with us on the project.  Watch this video to hear her talk more about it:

Supporting Farming Cooperatives in Rwanda video


Your support, along with funding from the Scottish Government and the UK Government’s Department for International Development, has helped farming communities in Rwanda thrive.


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