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Opportunity for Micheline

Meet Micheline. A woman filled with determination who turned an opportunity into the possibility for more.

Micheline lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the poorest countries in the world, with widespread instability. She lives with her husband and 5 children.

Two years ago Micheline started farming and receiving training and a loan from Opportunity International. She now has a stable income.


Opportunity for stability

My husband is a truck driver and away for up to two months at a time. So we would sometimes have to wait up to a week before we could gather the money for school fees. We used to have the same problem with rent.

Without Opportunity International I wouldn’t have been able to get a loan; this is the first time that people like me have been able to get this kind of financing.

Opportunity to provide

My children no longer have to starve. Before they could spend up to a week just having one small meal a day, but now they have two maybe three and we no longer have to worry about having to pay for school fees.

Opportunity to learn

Having these new budgeting skills has empowered me. I am able to set aside money for what I need, and I no longer sell at a loss. I now take careful note of what pesticides and fertiliser I buy.

Since this training, I would guess my harvest has tripled in size.

Opportunity for a future

I can now count on myself for finances and no longer have to rely on or wait for my husband. I am looking to see what I can achieve next; I've still got further to go.

I hope that my children will be able to complete their studies and go to university and after university, I hope that they will be able to get good jobs.

Opportunity to help

A simple opportunity is enabling Micheline to work her way out of poverty and provide more for her children and their future.

Will you help give the opportunity for more?

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Patron HRH The Princess Royal

These are testing times, not least for Opportunity Intemational's clients who are trying to build better lives, provide for their children and create possibilities for the future - something to which we can all relate.

Despite the challenges of learning to live with COVID-19, and the increasing effects of climate change, our clients remain resilient and Opportunity International is working hard to support them. We are innovating and adapting to provide the financial training and loans our clients, particularly women, need to unlock possibilities and break the cycle of poverty.

I am very grateful to all donors, big and small, who despite the difficulties that they may have had over the last 18 months, have supported our work. Your contributions will enable us to assist more men and women to build businesses, create jobs, educate their children and transform their communities. We hope this appeal will allow us to double the number of life changing opportunities we can provide to those who need it most.