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Will you help families in desperate need survive COVID-19?India Covid-19 Appeal

India is being crushed by COVID-19. Our partners in Australia desperately need your help.

India’s second wave of COVID-19 has turned into a massive crisis that is crushing millions of families, especially in the communities facing deep poverty. 


Opportunity International UK is joining our global network to provide emergency support to vulnerable families living in poverty. Your support can help communities where essential health services are non-existent. 

Families living in poverty are the hardest hit. Women, men and children are dying on the streets as the country struggles to fight off this deadly pandemic.

Opportunity International Australia is using their established partners on the ground in India to offer urgent health-based responses and address the underlying issues of poverty in order to strengthen the most vulnerable families and communities.

Donate now to helP our team who are...

  • Distributing food and medicine to homes so families can isolate safely.   
  • Converting their existing branch offices with beds and oxygen to help the sick and provide temporary ambulance services to bring people in for care.   
  • Mobilising a network of more than 2,300 community health workers  to reach as many as 1,000 villages with the latest prevention measures and to help families get medical care.  
  • Coordinating with local governments to organise and facilitate 500 vaccination camps and mobile vaccination vans. This will dramatically expedite protection for those who are most vulnerable. 
  • Providing crucial small business loans to help families restart businesses and restore livelihoods