Unlock the Power of

Opportunity this Christmas?

Unlock the Power of Opportunity this Christmas?

“My name is Scolaca and I am 22 years old. I am from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I consider myself a hairdresser, fashion designer and artist. I have a passion for these things.

I came here to Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda in 2016 with my mother and siblings after my Father was killed. We saw many people’s houses burned, girls being raped, and women and children dead along the way. I felt so bad inside and afraid.

For a job I make earrings, bangles and jewellery. At our salon we do hair straightening, braiding, blow drying and nails. I hope to receive a loan one day so that I can build a training centre to teach people how to make jewellery and bags. I would love to build a big training centre where many young people can come and learn things!”

The average age in Uganda is 15.8 years
Only 4% of Ugandans access formal credit
2,000 jobs a day are needed to meet Uganda’s growing population

A letter from the Chief Executive

One of the things that excites me most about Opportunity International, and why I wanted to be part of it, is how it provides a hand up to individuals, rather than a hand out. We are powerfully unlocking people’s potential, particularly women’s, through the provision of critical finance and training.

We are investing in real change. Individuals are working their way out of poverty and their communities are thriving.

On a recent visit to Uganda I was impressed to see how we are supporting more children to stay in school and get a good education, farmers to grow their income, and refugees to build sustainable livelihoods. Your donations make this happen.

I’ve met some incredible people bursting with potential, they just need an opportunity.

This Christmas, please consider helping aspiring young women like Scolaca. A gift of £160 could provide 8 people with access to training, skills and the tools needed to grow their business and build a secure future.

Sam Bickersteth, CEO

Opportunity International provides life-changing access to loans, savings accounts and training.

How many people will you help us to support this Christmas?

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