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Lucia Enacio

"I am 41 years old. I have nine children. My husband died three years ago, leaving me as the only person to support my family. Before my Opportunity loan I was never able to grow enough to feed my family.

My friend told me about Opportunity International and I joined a women’s group. So far I have only had one loan from Opportunity International. I used this to buy bean seeds because I wasn’t able to buy them before. I also used it to pay for labour to help me weed and harvest the crop.

I now grow soya beans, maize, beans and millet. I have done very well - I made 9 bags of maize profit and 4 bags of beans profit this year! With this I have been able to pay back my loan and save money for the first time.

I receive a lot of support from Opportunity. My women’s group meets once a week to discuss our business ideas and financial problems. It is very important that we have this so that we keep each other motivated and can help each other out. I have learnt about setting up a business plan and how to manage my loan. I have learnt how to increase the amount of produce from my fields by being able to invest in my business – by buying seeds and employing people to help me.

My life is so much better now. I have been able to pay for my hospital bills, pay for my children’s school fees and books and now I am hoping to build a good house for me and my children – which we have never had before."

Opportunity Changes Everything

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We invest in education

Providing schools with finance to increase capacity and offering parents loans to keep their children in school.

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We invest in farmers

Developing innovative agricultural finance tools and technical know-how that allow farmers to improve crop yields and generate profits.

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We invest believe in women

Empowering women to build their businesses, because they reinvest 90% of their earnings into their families, deepening the impact of our investment.

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We harness technology

Building innovative tools that extend our reach to the most remote communities, secure our clients’ hard-earned capital and increase operational efficiency.

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A message of support from our Patron HRH the Princess Royal

HRH Princess Royal HRH Princess Royal

Opportunity International's work is extremely important and underpins the hard work of local people and their communities to build a better future for themselves. I have met hardworking, strong and determined mothers who once struggled to feed their families but have had their lives dramatically improved due to Opportunity International's work. A small loan of just £150 can help to transform their farms and businesses, improve their lives and relieve poverty.

As Patron of Opportunity International UK, I am delighted that the charity has been awarded this matching grant from the UK Government. This enables Opportunity International to double its impact. Please consider supporting this appeal and doubling the number of life changing opportunities we can provide to those who need it most.

Our Patron HRH Princess Royal

Bill Gates endorses our agriculture programme

One of the best in class examples is what's happening with Opportunity International's Bank in Malawi with their Agriculture Program and how they're improving crop production and increasing access to many more farmers through their breakthrough work. They're changing the lives of the poor with the technology they're using.

Bill Gates

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