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“I have been farming since I was a child. My father died when I was very young so I had to go to the fields because my mother needed help to support us.

I now farm groundnuts, maize and sorghum. I farm to take care of my children. My options in life were limited because I had no education. I want my children to have better opportunities than me and this will come through a good education.”

Leila Kaku

Change for a Business

I used to face a lot of problems in farming, for example how to get fertiliser, but since Opportunity came, farming became a lot easier. Opportunity helped me, they gave me a loan to buy fertiliser and taught me how to farm properly.

Before Opportunity I would only get 3 bags at harvest, but when Opportunity came I got 9 bags. My life has changed.”

African smallholder farmers achieve just 20-40% of the potential productivity of their land

Change for a Family

“Opportunity taught me how to save.

Now because I save the money, when my children's school fees are due I can pay or when they are sick I can send them to the hospital.

I am saving towards the welfare of my children and my siblings because I am the oldest of my siblings and must support them.”

Two-thirds of farmers live in poverty

Change for a Community

“In our community the men have delegated all the responsibility of children to us as women. Being able to make my own money and run my business, I have managed to get more confidence. I am able to put my children through school without my husband’s support.

Now I am respected in the community. Opportunity came and taught us how to change our lives.”

If women were given the same resources as men, and working like-for-like plots, their yields would increase by 30%

A message of support from our Patron HRH The Princess Royal

As Patron of Opportunity International UK I am delighted that the charity has been awarded a matching grant from the UK Government for our Christmas appeal. Not only is it a vote of confidence in our work but it means we can help twice as many people. It will enable many more hard-working farmers and entrepreneurs to build a sustainable future for their families.

Earlier this year I visited Opportunity International’s work in Ghana. It was a privilege to once again meet the extraordinary clients we serve and hear first-hand the positive impact Opportunity International projects are having on people’s businesses, family and wider community. Please consider supporting this appeal and doubling the number of life changing opportunities we can provide to those who need it most.

Our Patron HRH Princess Royal

(Photo shows HRH Princess Royal speaking with Opportunity International clients in the Philippines, early 2015)

Change Starts with You

Just £150 could train 15 women with the skills to improve their productivity and increase their income.

Help more people like Leila work their way out of poverty and your donation will be doubled*

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